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Fifi & the Flowertots

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Man Grooming Shop

The Mechanical Kitchen

Meddling Kids

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Star Trek Mall

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The Coquina Rock Band

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Welcome to Carpentunes!

This site is the jumping-off point for all areas of the Michael Carpenter network of websites. It includes links to his music, where it can be heard and/or purchased; Sites devoted to recording equipment; His extensive list of online stores, selling everything from Children's toys to kitchen items and pocketknives; And his personal and family webspaces. Each grouping is discussed in more detail below. Click on the links to the left to visit any particular site. Thank you for visiting, and it's hoped you enjoy what you find.


Michael has several sites devoted to his original music. On some sites you can listen to his recordings; on others you can purchase CDs or T-shirts with the album covers. All the various sites are organized around their own portal hub, the The DATASTREAM. You can read about the various albums he's done, both solo and with other bands, plus links to all the areas on the web where his music is featured.


In 2002, TASCAM Corp. introduced the Pocketstudio 5, a digital 4-track recorder. Michael is the admin of the largest online forum dedicated to this device, the The PS5UG (Pocketstudio 5 Users Group). The group actually encompasses two forums, as well as an online music site that showcases collaborations between members. The various webpages are accessible from the PS5UG's own portal page.

Online Stores

Shopping on the Internet is a booming business, and Michael operates many successful sites that cater to a wide variety of interested consumers. KidVidUK offers children's DVDs and toys to a UK audience; the Lazytown Mall specializes in one show, and has a UK as well as a US version. Wireless Network US offers help on setting up a home network, while the Mechanical Kitchen sports a wide range of small kitchen appliances. As well as stores selling Swiss Army knives, Hair & skin care products for men, baby items and more to come in the future. Many stores are all based around children's television shows: Fifi & the Flowertots ,Charlie & Lola, Tank Engine Thomas and Dora the Explorer. Also one featuring t-shirts for people interested in home recording studios: Woollen Candle.

Personal Sites

This area includes sites for Michael's daughter, his wife's knitting site, and a tribute page to the The Coquina Rock Band, a group Michael was a part of back in the early '80's. It has many photos of the band over various personnel changes, as well as selected audio clips.

Finally, some sites related to Associate-O-Matic, the Amazon affiliate software Michael uses for his online stores



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